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Columbus OH Virtual And Online Events

During this season of closures and cancellations to many Columbus kid activities, we may wind up yearning for the incitement normally gave by the city's numerous attractions and open occasions. Fortunately, Luckily, the people of Columbus continue to rally and create innovative, fun ways to keep the community engaged during this time. Discover a wide variety of virtual and web-based local encounters that will keep you educated, in-shape and entertained while spending your time at home. With many Columbus OH Virtual And Online Events, you can find something for any age group to have fun doing!


With the Columbus coronavirus spreading unpredictably and plans to safely reopen schools shifting day by day, the parents grappled with the increasing prospect that it might be unsafe, or impossible, to send their children back to school in the fall.


With the coronavirus numbers all over the place and the country as school districts delay their return to in-person instruction this fall and COVID-19 cases continue to surge. Parents will be playing an even bigger role in determining what and how their children learn, and they are deploying all the resources they have at their disposal to ensure it goes more smoothly than in the spring.

Things For Kids To Do During Covid-19 Columbus OH

Many of us have already know the bad news: Bored kids, stressed out parents, days when time slows to a standstill. And after being out of school buildings since early March in many places, kids are now staring at weeks of summer, without even the structure of online school activities. In addition, most of the schedule summer camps have been cancelled. And even for the camps that are open, parents are nervous to send their kids where social distancing will be difficult to enforce. But here is the good news: Columbus Museums, Columbus libraries, Columbus arts organizations, Columbus private companies, celebrities and many others are creating online content for kids or offering free access to existing resources. Many more online portals and entertaining apps have been with us all along but never seemed more relevant. Below is a list of Columbus OH Virtual And Online Events For Kids!