What Is The Absolute Best Columbus Childcare Option For You?

What Is The Absolute Best Columbus Childcare Option For You?

Deciding on the right Columbus childcare for your family is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent. There are numerous different types of childcare to consider, all with their pros and cons. Be sure to take your time and consider your needs in terms of hours, flexibility, previous training, and cost. Here is a breakdown of the most common different types of childcare and we home it will help you decide What the Best Columbus Childcare Option For You!

Columbus Daycare

Columbus Daycare is a quite common and traditional form of childcare. It is often utilized until children are in school or for some supplemental after school care. While day cares can range from neighborhood homes to state of the art facilities, the pros and cons remain the same.

Pros of Columbus Daycare

Many parents appreciate the social interaction that daycare provides for their children. Your child will have the opportunity to make new friends and will benefit from a classroom learning environment. Daycare professionals undergo schooling, training, and various certifications, giving you peace of mind that your family will be well cared for.

Cons of Columbus Daycare

The cost of daycare is on the rise, averaging nearly five hundred dollars per week for two children. Daycare centers may have wait-lists, causing added stress in your childcare search. Finally, daycare centers may be inflexible with daily pick-up and drop off times.


Finding a wonderful nanny can be challenging but when families do come across the perfect match, they often work with the same person for years to come. Nannies can be live-in or live-out, have a range of experience and be at different points of their own lives, whether it be college, motherhood, or retirement.

Nanny Pros

Having a nanny for your family can provide a rich and trusting relationship between you and your childcare provider. You and your nanny will know each other very well, for better or for worse! You’ll have more control over what your children do from day to day, since you can plan these activities with your nanny. Your children will also benefit from being in their own home environment.

Nanny Cons

The cost of nannies ranges but can quickly become very high at $30 or more per hour. You may also need to pay taxes, benefits and vacation or sick days, so be sure you understand the legal implications of this type of childcare.  Finally, if your nanny does need time off you may be left without childcare.

Family Member As A Columbus Childcare Option

Family The most personal type of childcare you can find is your own family. Whether it is a Columbus grandparent, aunt or cousin, your children will love having the opportunity to spend their time with someone they love deeply and will always be in their lives.

Pros of A Family Member Columbus Childcare Option

Childcare provided by family is often flexible and low cost. You can be frank with your family about your childcare needs, enabling you to personalize your children’s experience. You may also prefer that your children spend time with relatives instead of external childcare providers.

Cons of A Family Member Columbus Childcare Option

There is a chance that your relationship with your family caregiver may be strained if you have disagreements on how to care for your Columbus children. Also, your family member may have limited experience caring for children or no formal safety training. This can be remedied by sending them to a CPR and childcare safety course.

Au Pairs

Au pairs are young adults who come from overseas to live with a family and care for their children. This is a unique type of childcare and is a wonderful solution for many. Au pairs in the USA come through agencies that are regulated through the Department of State. All au pairs have childcare experience and receive more training throughout their first week here.


The cost of an au pair for one year is around $19,000 for full time care, no matter how many children you have. That means that even with five children, you’ll still have the same childcare costs! Au pairs provide a cultural exchange experience for your family and can teach your children another language. You also have control over what your children and au pair do throughout the day whether it be doing activities at home or visiting a local landmark.


The cons of having an au pair are largely in the selection process. Families may find it difficult that they are not able to meet their au pair in person before the au pair arrives to care for their children. Driving ability of au pairs can vary and there may be some language or cultural barriers when first meeting one another.

In Conclusion About Absolute Best Columbus Childcare Option For You

Considering the different types of childcare can be a challenge but also the beginning of an exciting journey. No matter what road you decide to take, be sure to do your research, have clear expectations and make the decision that you feel is the best for your family.