20 Fantastic Columbus Outdoor Family Activities

20 Fantastic Columbus Outdoor Family Activities

Between working every day, basketball practices, exercise, cooking, and cleaning, it can be difficult to find time for activities that the whole family to enjoy together. However, it is so important to make time for family fun and bonding.  There are endless fun activities to do with kids Columbus but here are 20 fantastic Columbus outdoor family activities that your family is sure love. Some can even be done outside in your own back yard.

There’s no doubt about it, kids love being outdoors. Whether you’re out in the garden, at the park, or up a mountain somewhere, a little fresh air works wonders by allowing your kids to work off that excess energy. If sometimes it takes a little effort to pry your little ones (or slightly bigger ones) off the sofa, here are 10 simple suggestions to help you enjoy the great outdoors together as a family.

Columbus Family Picnic Outdoors

Sometimes the simple things are the best things. When the weather is nice, grab a basket, a blanket, and a Frisbee and an open outdoor space or park. Enjoy some lovely sandwiches and treats with your kids.  Then you can toss a Frisbee or football together or go on a nature scavenger hunt.  You can bring along a board game to spice up the fun!

Host a Family Olympics

The Olympics were created as a way to bring people together. So why not bring your family together with your own version of The Games? Tailor your Family Olympics to the interests and talents of your family members.

Are your kids big into sports? Do you enjoy playing card games or board games? Perhaps a Wii Dance showdown is the ticket? Whatever works for you and your brood, hype it up and have fun with it. Be sure to include medals and opening and closing ceremonies, for good measure.  Your family will have so much fun preparing and participating in your family Olympics.  You can do just your immediate family or meet at a local park for an extended family Olympics event.

Go to the Columbus Zoo

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the majesty of the animal kingdom. Parents and children alike can have fun exploring the different species on display at the local zoo. If your son likes reptiles and your daughter likes big cats, there is something for everyone.

Make a day of it together. Pack lunches, water, and your camera to capture all the fun experiences. Be sure to check out the various educational presentations and exhibits too. A trip to the Columbus zoo is always a favorite of our fun outdoor family activities.  Who says you can’t have fun and learn at the same time on our list of 20 fantastic Columbus outdoor family activities!

Tailgate At A Ohio State Football Game

Football has become an American pastime and it is an fun outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy. From peewee games to the big leagues, taking your family out to a game is a great way to get out of the house, up off the couch, and in the crisp fall air.  If you are near a college or professional stadium, consider tailgating before the game. You can cook up some delicious burgers on the grill, paint your kids’ faces (and your own!) and all get in the spirit of the sport together.

Hike Local Columbus Trails

You don’t have to be a Thoreau to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of nature. But he was definitely on to something when he applauded simplicity and the quietude of the natural world. Tune in to that world by tuning out. Take your family away from their video games, Netflix shows, and YouTube videos and spend the day in nature hiking without any distractions from your family time.

Most areas have local Columbs trails and park routes. Go for a family hike along these trails together. Pack some water and a few snacks or lunches, and lace up those sneakers. There will probably be some grumbling, but the fresh air and exercise will be refreshing and you will strengthen your family bonds with that time spent together. And looking back, hiking new trails may just be the most memorable of fun outdoor family activities.

Even the smallest children can participate in activities off the beaten track. When your stroller can’t cope, a baby sling or carrier will allow you to carry on trekking.

Host A Family BBQ

Nothing brings a family together like food. Whether you are all so busy that everyone gathered around a meal that isn’t Chinese takeout is a rare, or you have family dinner regularly, preparing a Columbus family cookout can be a fun activity for everyone.

Plan the meal out together. Keep it simple so that you can relax and enjoy the cookout but include a few family favorites and have everyone work together to provide a different element of the dinner or the dinner table setup. The kids will enjoy the treat and have fun making their favorite foods with you.

Draw Your Family Tree

Get outside with a big roll of paper or a few poster boards and some markers. Take time to go over a little family history together. Tell the stories of your grandparents and what you know about them as the kids draw out the connections. For children, drawing a big tree is a fun craft and they will be excited to make all the connections and learn more about their family ties and history and origins.

If you have older kids, encourage them to participate by telling stories about different family members. Show them pictures of you when you were a kid, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and then take pictures of them to include on your tree. Family history doesn’t have to be dry. Get creative and have fun with it. Your kids will enjoy the activity and learn more about their family.

Trip To One of The Columbus Playground

My kids always love the Columbus playgrounds whether it is in my backyard or the big huge neighborhood Red Caboose playground. We almost always play tag while we are there!  One of their favorite family time activities is for me to be a “monster” and chase them around the playground.  Go figure!

Trip to the Columbus Nature Center

Our Nature Center has a really cool inside area to explore as well as the outside surrounding park We love to go exploring together hiking the trails and checking out the Columbus nature preserves! We have spent countless hours doing this.  We like seeing what birds we can spot and finding unusual plants to look at.

Flying A Home Made Kite

The ideal activity for windy days. If you’re feeling crafty, make simple kites from paper and string. Alternatively, show your competitive side with an impressive sports kite. You can fly a kite in any open space – from the field to the beach – just make sure you’re away from overhead electrical cables.

PlantIng Some Vegetables

You don’t always need to walk miles to get some fresh air into your kids’ lungs. Planting a modest vegetable garden will help your children learn, while encouraging healthy eating. There’s nothing like biting into a punnet of home-grown strawberries.

Walk The Dog

If your kids are lucky enough to have a pet, make sure it’s not always you doing the walking. Older Columbus children and teenagers can take the dog out by themselves. Younger kids can tag along with you.

I hope you enjoy these ideas for fun outdoor family activities.  Do you have favorite outdoor family activities to add to the list? Please share them in the comments!