10 Amazing Columbus Halloween Safety Tips

Autumn is here and Halloween is just around the corner. While this is a great time for some fun scares, costumes, festive decorations and candy, it’s important to ensure that you and your children stay as safe as possible while trick-or-treating to prevent real horrors from happening on this fun night. You don’t have to ruin your fun to stay safe. Just keep these 10 Amazing Columbus Halloween Safety Tips in mind as you and your children enjoy your trick-or-treat outing.

Halloween is approaching quickly, and with it our children will be out walking Columbus neighborhoods collecting treats.

Many parents send their children out trick-or-treating with clothing to make their children visible to traffic. This often includes reflectors, glow sticks and LED lights. Remember to be cautious when using glow sticks. Glow sticks make children more visible in the dark while trick-or-treating, but they are soft to chew on and can be easily broken open.

Columbus Ohio Trick or treating

Always Follow Street Safety Rules

With so many kids on the street during peak trick-or-treating hours, it can be easy to slip up and start ignoring common street safety rules. However, just as drivers have to be more mindful when there are many people in the streets, trick-or-treaters have a responsibility to make sure that they also respect motorists and other pedestrians.

Only cross the road at proper crosswalks and corners. If possible, utilize the pedestrian street light button at traffic lights. Check left, right and then left once more for cars before crossing. Stay out of the street by using sidewalks and shoulders. If walking in the street cannot be avoided, stay as far to the side as you can, and remember to walk against traffic not with it. Avoid listening to music, chatting and playing around while walking in the road. Be wary of any car that has its lights on as it could suddenly pull out or back up without warning. Finally, never accept any rides from strangers.

columbus ohio childrens reflective trick or treating vests

Increase Visibility

Trick-or-treating hours are almost always from dusk until a few hours into night time. If your town’s trick-or-treating happens during this time, ensure that other pedestrians and motorists can see you by wearing something bright, or something that lights up or glows. Many stores sell reflective or glowing tape, necklaces, bracelets and even headbands that glow and light up for trick-or-treating. Even buying a simple glow stick and attaching it to your clothes can make a world of difference.

Carry a Flashlight

At least one person in the group should always have a flashlight on them to see properly when it gets dark. Ideally, you should have a couple of backup flashlights and batteries with you as well. Let someone else in the group carry at least one extra in case you get separated.

Go in Groups

There’s strength and safety in numbers. No child under the age of 12 should be allowed to go trick-or-treating without an adult present, and no one should be out alone.  Trick-or-treating should be done in a group of at least three people. Not only is it more fun to go as a group, but you’ll also have more eyes and ears to detect danger and more minds to figure out where to go if you get lost, as well as the power of numbers to stave off any other threats that may loom in the neighborhood.

Map Out Your Route

Speaking of getting lost, trick-or-treaters frequently lose their way because they don’t have a solid plan on where they want to go and what routes they want to take before leaving the house. Plan out where you want to go while trick-or-treating at least the night before you leave. If possible, draw up or print out a map of the neighborhood and highlight the spots that you want to go, marking the best route to get to each location. Ideally, your route should be a loop back to your starting point or house. You at least should be focusing on the shortest and safest pathways to each destination. Make sure that you take a copy of the map with the highlighted routes with you before your leave.

Take a Cell Phone with Mapping Capabilities and/or GPS

At least one person, usually an adult, should have a cell phone on them at all times in case of an emergency or to contact parents for updates on their child’s whereabouts and expected time of return. However, cell phones can also be a great help when trying to find your way. Maps can only do so much, and they can’t tell you your current location. A cell phone with mapping capabilities, such as Google Maps, and GPS can help you pinpoint your location and help you get back on the right track.

Don’t Obstruct Your Vision

Masks can easily obstruct your vision, especially when they don’t fit right, and this can create safety problems when trying to navigate the Columbus streets while trick-or-treating. Try on any masks before going out on trick-or-treating night and ensure that you can see easily out of the eye holes. If not, try to cut slightly larger holes with a pair of safety scissors. If this isn’t possible, consider hypoallergenic face paint and makeup as alternatives.

Plan Your Costume Accordingly

There are a few guidelines to follow to make any outfit safer. First, try to get fabric that is flame resistant. Candles and jack-o’-lanterns are staples of Halloween, and costumes can accidentally get near the flames. Get costumes that fit well. Baggy or low-hanging costumes might cause you to trip. If the costume has weapons or other accessories, make sure that they’re made of rubber or a fairly soft plastic.

Don’t Approach Dark Houses

Some homeowners are either not home during trick-or-treating hours or they simply don’t wish to pass out candy this year and signify this by keeping their house lights out. No matter the reason, never approach a dark house or alleyway.

Columbus ohio check halloween candy before you eat it

Check the Candy

At the end of the night, make sure an adult checks through all of the candy. Cases of candy tampering are incredibly rare, but it never hurts to be sure. You should only keep pre-wrapped, factory-processed, brand-name candies. Never keep candies that are homemade or unwrapped. In addition, try to avoid letting anyone eat any candy before someone’s able to check it.

The risks of trick-or-treating may be enough to cause concern in any parent, but you can rest easy knowing that many people enjoy their outing without incident. Utilizing these tips will ensure that your family has the safest and happiest Halloween as possible.

Make Your Columbus Child A Halloween Safety ID Card

Just in case you may be separated from your child during Trick-or-Treating, having them carry a discreet identification card under their costume is advised. Download a Halloween Safety ID Card here >>

Is It Safe For Columbus Trick-or-Treat During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

While the Columbus coronavirus pandemic has interrupted many of our annual traditions, it seems many families are dead-set on celebrating Halloween during quarantine. A recent Harris Poll survey suggests that more than 70% of millennial moms are planning to make “the most” of Halloween with their families, with 80% of all surveyed saying that heading out to trick-or-treat is at the top of their list of things to do on Halloween. Believe it or not, the highest risk factor in Columbus trick-or-treating may not be the candy your kids will be receiving from each of your neighbors. Getting a piece of candy from a Columbus home and bringing it home, and then eating it, is far less problematic.

In Conclusion 10 Amazing Columbus Halloween Safety Tips

Keep your Columbus children safe and take all necessary precautions to assure their safety during this difficult time! Have fun and Happy Halloween!