Columbus Virtual Excursions And Fun Activities Kids Love

Columbus Virtual Excursions And Fun Activities Kids Love

The modern reality of having your children home for an extended period of time is finally setting in. There are a large number of websites and a huge amount of support out there to help. All you have to do is to look in the correct places.  We have created a list of fun websites for your Columbus students to access while forced to stay at home. In addition, These websites offer great virtual learning experiences for kids in the comfort of their very own Columbus home! Listed below are some Columbus Virtual Excursions And Fun Activities Kids Love, check them out!

The Best Virtual Excursions for Kids Columbus Ohio

For parents this great list will help from getting premature grey hairs! Also, Columbus teachers, an awesome list of ideas that you can send to parents if they are have a difficult time with home learning ideas.

Go to Mars!

This is amazing! The website was currently updated and is better then ever before! There is a 360 digital mode where your children can gain access to Mars – which is amazing. Children can navigate around mars and learn many interesting facts!

Visit The Columbus Zoo And Aquarium!

The amazing Columbus zoo has created a digital learning center just for kids!

Go on a virtual tour of the Columbus Zoo And Aquarium. This website has several fantastic learning opportunities for your children. They can watch videos about animals and learn amazing facts all form the comfort of home! The best part is All activities address Ohio Learning Standards for Science and are designed to connect you and your family with nature.


Go Deep Sea Diving!

Let’s go deep sea diving! This website lets you scroll to the bottom of the ocean and discover all of the sea creatures and what depth the live at! Your children will learn tons of information all while having fun!

Explore Famous Landmarks on Google Earth

Google Earth can provide the opportunity to search and view many famous landmarks. You can create a list of areas to search and learn the history behind each one.  In terms of imagery and accessibility, none of the virtual tours can compete with Google Earth.

Become an Engineering Pioneer

This website is a partnership between Boeing and Discovery Education.  It is super interesting, and the kids will love it! It shows behind the scenes videos transport children to places where innovation meets creativity and shows there isn’t just one path towards success in a STEM career.

Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Go on a virtual tour of the amazing Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam. It houses the largest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh in the world!

Famous Storytellers!

Storyline Online is a great website that has a huge number of children’s storybooks being read by famous people. Go on a whimsical journey! Your children will love to listen to some of these adorable children’s storybooks.

Explore Environments Around the World

Another fantastic idea using the ever amazing Google Earth – it has so many fantastic ways for children to explore the world. Even letting them have a look around themselves is a great idea.

Visit Disney World

Disney World Orlando has virtual tours you can take including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot, just naming a few! They can spend hours looking through this great site and pretend they are there!

In Conclusion

Parenting is difficult work, and it is work that can be even harder when we are facing stress. However, we know that there is nothing more important than the parent/child relationship in terms of future learning, behavior, and health. As the unprecedented challenges of Columbus COVID-19 continue to unfold, we have to remain strong and calm. We hope the list of Virtual Kids Events Columbus OH helps! Check out our calender of Virtual And Online Events Coumbus Ohio.