Investing Your Hard-Earned Money in Columbus Real Estate

Investing Your Hard-Earned Money in Columbus Real Estate

Columbus Real estate happens to be a commodity that is finite in its existence.  What there is of it happens to be all there is of it.  Investing in real estate adds diversification to your investment package.  Additionally, it typically provides a lower risk over the long term as well as a higher rate of return.  Individuals can decide to purchase real estate properties and turn them around for a profit. 

They can also decide to rent the property out.  If they decide to rent their purchase, then they need to be concerned with locating and renting to good tenants.  Moreover, the rent must be enough to cover all costs and operating expenses associated with the property including the mortgage, taxes, homeowner’s insurance, renovation costs, and the cost of upkeep and repairs in order to turn a profit.

Real estate for sale is listed in public newspapers and online.  Contacting the listing agent or any local real estate office is the best way to go about purchasing real estate.  Some sellers may elect to use a lawyer rather than a realtor for the sale.

Investing In Columbus Real Estate Risks

A certain risk element exists when investing in real estate, especially with a foreclosure.  Foreclosures may have undisclosed problems that can add to the cost of your investment.

Additionally, you will deal with lots of tenants, good and bad, over the years, and some of these may end up costing you money in costly repairs or legal fees.

It is best to have a plan before you begin investing in real estate.  Chart out what you intend to accomplish and include when and how.  Investing in real estate full time allows you to be your own boss and to create financial freedom for yourself.

In fact, retirement plans can be used to purchase real estate.  However, purchasing real estate in this manner does not allow you to deduct depreciation should it occur.  It does, however, allow you to include the income and the appreciation of the real estate.  Both of these remain usually tax free in your IRA until the time when you begin to withdraw your money. 

Utilizing Retirement Plans For Working Capital

Investing in real estate requires some research and a workable knowledge of both your retirement plan and the real estate investment.  For example, if you purchase the real estate with both cash and borrowed money, only the portion allocated to cash is tax free.  This is why an all cash purchase is the best and simplest way to go.  Specifically, a special tax known as the UBIT tax, or unrelated business income tax, comes into play whenever there is a debt-financed income involved in retirement plans.

The following plans may be used to purchase real estate: Roth IRA, traditional IRA, or single individual 401 (k) plan.  You must be able to transfer your money from your retirement plan, probably through your broker, to a plan that includes real estate investment.

Columbus Real Estate Investment Trust

A Columbus real estate investment trust, or REIT, invests in various forms of real estate or assets related to real estate.  The real estate may include hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, and mortgages that have been secured with real estate. 

Equity REIT

An Equity REIT is the most common form.  Its real estate investments are designed to make money for their investors through the collected rents.  A mortgage REIT either invests in property secured by mortgages on real estate or loans money to developers and owners.  A hybrid REIT is a combination of the two.

Investing in Columbus real estate can lead to a higher rate of return with a lower risk for a loss. Do some thorough research before investing in any real estate property and make sure your Columbus property pricing is correct when purchasing, or you will be at a loss from the start. Remember that a certain risk element exists when investing in real estate and consider your options carefully.