COVID-19 Coronavirus And Occupying Your Columbus-OH Child

COVID-19 Coronavirus And Occupying Your Columbus-OH Child

Columbus-OH Local Health Departments are strongly recommending social distancing, in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Columbus-OH. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ordered bars and restaurants to shut down to slow the spread of coronavirus. Also, Ohio has 37 cases diagnosed so far. The governor also indicated that schools might stay closed through the school year. With so many cancellations and closures, parents are dealing with additional variables to keep the kids happy and healthy. We’ve gathered resources and tips to help Columbus families. In addition. we have provided a few amazing Columbus parks where you can take your child to and avoid having contact with other children.

1- Scioto Mile

Having the kids outdoors buring energy and enjoying nature is always good. Also, you can keep your child away from others and not worry about the Coronavirus, all while having fun doing a variety outdoor activities.

The Promenade stretches along the east bank of the Scioto River, connecting Battelle Riverfront Park and Bicentennial Park. Built upon the former site of the Avenue of Flags, the Promenade features a stone colonnade with shaded swings, park benches, beautiful gardens, and tables designed for card games or chess. The historic carved limestone balustrade, originally built as part of the 1920s floodwall project, has been fully restored to its original condition.

2-Topiary Garden

You can create different games for your child to play at the park and pack a nice picnic. This will help expel some energy while enjoying the great outdoors. The Topiary Garden Park is open daily from dawn until dusk, and admission is free to all visitors. April through November is the recommended time for viewing the garden, as the park is blooming in full. Don’t forget to stop at the point of “As He Saw It,” the marked location that represents how Seurat saw the scene as he was painting it.

3-Whetstone Park / Park of Roses

Children of all aged enjoy the Columbus Park of Roses, it’s a unique 13-acre garden setting within a park featuring over 11,000 rose bushes and specialized gardens such as the Herb Garden, Daffodil Garden, Perennial Garden and specialized collections of miniature and heritage roses. The Park of Roses is conveniently located off North High Street in the heart of Whetstone Park and is open and free to the public. In addition, it’s one of the largest municipals rose gardens in the United States. Also, you can take art supplies and have your child draw the different flowers or take pictures to make a scrap book. Your child will be out of the house enjoy the fresh air and away from others to avoid the chance of catching the Coronavirus.

Speaking With Your Child About The COVID-19 Coronavirus in Columbus-OH

As a parent, you know your children the best. Allow their questions to be your guide as to how much information you need to provide. However, don’t avoid giving them the information that health experts identify as critical to ensuring your Columbus children’s health. Also, children and youth do not always talk about their concerns right away, so follow up after the initial conversation a few hours later to see if they have any additional questions. When sharing information with your child, it’s important to make sure to provide facts without scaring them to badly.